Marketing Calendar by CoSchedule

Hey friends!

I wanted to share something really amazing that I have recently started to use, with you all! As you already know, I’m pretty big into setting goals and getting organized for the new year. I believe it takes a lot of focus, determination and the right tools to meet your goals, big or small. One of my goals in 2021, is to connect with more people via my different social media platforms. It feels like there’s so much content out there and no shortage of “stuff” to do, read, watch or critique online. I’m always wondering if there’s a space for the kind of content I want to put out there. I took the time to really plan out what I want my blogs and social media accounts to look like next year, and realized that I really need a versatile tool to create and manage all my content and posting in one place. I am THRILLED to have found the perfect solution!

The marketing calendar by CoSchedule really has changed the game for me and helped me to be strategic and laser-focused with my social media content planning. As a professional consultant, full-time school administrator and budding entrepreneur, my need for a fluid social media presence has grown tremendously! To give you a little background, I manage 15 different social media profiles, across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weebly and WordPress. Each of these profiles serves a unique function, promotes specific creative, faith-based or professional content and has a different audience. Creating and posting content to each of these consistently can be very challenging, if you want to do it well! The problem I’ve run into in the past is something most entrepreneurs deal with: never enough time! We do really well one week, never missing a post or scheduling deadline, even gaining new followers! Then the next week, we’re busy, we’re swamped, and our pages go silent. GASP!

I’ve used other tools to meet my social media calendar needs before, and they had their pros and cons. For me, making the ultimate choice to purchase a social media calendar service really boils down to three things: 1) how easily I can create, and maintain my social media calendar, without having to move back and forth between screens and tools to see everything in one place, 2) how user-friendly the tool and features are, and 3) COST! I’m not rolling in the dough yet (LOL) and every penny counts! With CoSchedule, I was able to check these three priorities off my list!

Here are some of the many useful CoSchedule Marketing Calendar features that I am able to use in every step of my content design and posting process.

  1. CLEAN, MODERN INTERFACE – I love that I can keep things simple and aesthetically pleasing. It took me about 30 minutes to connect all my accounts and schedule my first posts using this calendar! The menus are easily accessible and the color coding features make light work of distinguishing between your content profiles.

2. PROFILE DROP DOWN – I can easily select one or more profiles to post content to using the drop down menu.

3. PREVIEW FUNCTION– I can see exactly how my posts will look on my various social profiles before they post!

4. ANALYSIS ABILITY– I really enjoy the analyze feature of the CoSchedule marketing calendar. It shows me how well my post is likely to perform based on current social media trends, gives me a percentage score and suggest things to improve my post! A win for sure.

If you manage multiple social profiles for your small business or entrepreneurial endeavors and you need an affordable way to maximize your productivity, I highly recommend CoSchedule! Start 2021 with the right tools! Click my referral link here to learn more! You’ll be glad you did 🙂

Be remarkable,